Where do your dogs come from?
Our dogs come from local shelters, or they are surrendered to us by their owners.

What are your adoption fees, and what do they include?

Our adoption donation fees:

  • Non bully adults -              $400.00
  • Non bully puppies -            $500.00
  • Bully and Bully X puppies -  $300.00
  • Bully and Bully X adults -    $250.00

All dogs are spayed/neutered accordingly, vaccinated for rabies and distemper, heartworm tested, dewormed for internal parasites and treated for fleas if necessary.
Puppies have age appropriate vaccines and will be adopted on a spay/neuter agreement.  Bully and Bully x's will be microchipped as well.

Can I see come down to see a dog that I like?

Our rescue does not have a “facility” where the dogs can be seen. We rely on our volunteer foster homes to care for our dogs. Once your application has been approved and processed, you will be contacted by a volunteer to set up a home visit.  All family members who reside in the home must be present for the home visit.

I can’t keep my dog and I have to move tomorrow. Can I drop him/her off?

Unfortunately that is not enough time for us to help you. If you give us sufficient time, we will post your dog on our Facebook page and Petfinder to help spread the word. You will have to surrender your dog to your local shelter. Any time you surrender an animal to a shelter, your pet is at risk of being euthanized and that is the harsh reality. Acquiring a pet impulsively, buying a dog as a gift, and not properly training and socializing your dog are all reasons why dogs are relinquished, and eventually the dog will pay with his/her life. There simply aren’t enough homes to counter all of the unwanted dogs that are filling our shelters and rescues.

I can’t afford to have my pit bull spayed or neutered?

Send us an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and we will help you! The last thing this world needs is another litter of pit bull puppies. Every shelter in RI has pit bulls; most who will never have a second chance. They were once cute puppies that were wanted by a human and as they grew, the novelty wore off. These are the dogs tied in backyards, chained at auto body shops, used to fight because their owner has some shortcoming that he must fulfil by having an intimidating dog, and starved and left to die in apartments after their owners have moved. So yes, we will help you get your pit bull altered. Now what’s the excuse for not having it done?

I know of a dog that is being abused or neglected, what should I do?

Call someone! We like to think abuse doesn’t happen here, but it does and it doesn’t always air on the news.